17 04 2010

The long-awaited surprise is here; at least, it was long-awaited for Chris.

I came back around 4 pm and he went to a friend’s room while I prepared the surprise. I gathered all my necessary ingredients and went to wash and cut them. I had with me: 2 tomatoes, bella mushrooms, mini-cucumbers and two cloves of garlic. I diced the tomatoes, mushrooms, chopped the cucumbers and minced the garlic. I placed everything in their respective bowls.

Preparation of the food

Then, I cleared a space on his desk so that I could arrange all my ingredients. I added water to the rice cooker and set that on for high. While that was heating up, I also heated the pot and prepared three eggs in another bowl. I added some of the mushrooms and tomatoes into the mixed egg and added a pinch of salt. When that was ready, I cooked an omelette for Chris. I added Parmesan cheese when the egg was half-done and flipped half of the egg on the other half. Before long, the omelette was done and I scooped it out (with a little bit of difficulty!) into a bowl.

Preparing the Omelette

Cooking the Omelette

The Omelette is Ready!

Almost immediately after the omelette was done, the hot water in the rice cooker was boiling. I then added the pasta linguine to the cooker. After stirring for awhile, I quickly went to wash the pot and came back, ready to make the sauce for the spaghetti. I opened a can of organic tomato sauce from Trader Joe’s that my mom brought me the last time she visited. I poured the sauce into the pot. After awhile, I added the meatballs (!). The meatballs were enormous, so I decided to cut them all in half with my spatula. I then added the rest of the mushrooms and tomatoes I had prepared earlier. I mixed the sauce continuously for about 15-20 minutes. Meanwhile, the linguine was ready. And not long after, the sauce was ready to go!

Cooking the meatballs and the sauce

Mixing in mushrooms and tomatoes

Almost Ready!

I heaped a bunch of noddles for Chris into a bowl and added a lot of meatballs and sauce on top. I did the same for me, though with less quantity.

Food is Ready!

Oh, I almost forgot! The cucumbers! I had diced 4 mini-cucumbers and put them all in a bowl. Then, I minced some garlic for flavor and added some sesame oil to top it off.


After, I arranged everything on the table for Chris and poured him a glass of grape juice, I called him back to the room. He was very surprised and went straight to eating everything! He didn’t even finish his bowl of spaghetti and meatballs when he stated that he was full o.O But that’s okay, because he still finished it later!

Finished product: Omelette!

Finished product: spaghetti and meatballs!

I had a great time cooking the surprise dinner for Chris. I’m looking forward to another surprise dinner sometime!

Chris had a great time eating his surprise dinner!

Stay tuned tomorrow for our dinner at Taste of China Part II w/ parents!


April Fool’s Bento

2 04 2010

Howdy, readers.

Yesterday, I made a delicious April Fool’s bento box. I also concocted a geeky prank on Chris, by placing a post-it note over the eye of his optical mouse so that when he tried to use his mouse and the cursor didn’t move, he’d think he needed new batteries. And on the post-it note, I wrote, “April Fool’s Chris! Love, Alice.”

However, regarding the obento, I’d made a small taco the day before. It was a hard-shell corn tortilla filled with beef, lettuce and  sour cream. Alongside the taco, I added some rotini (spiraled shaped) pasta and conchiglie (seashell shaped) casserole. For veggies and fruits, I had cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, and a slice of cucumber.

April 1st Bento box (not a joke)

The bento was very good; I ate it all in one sitting. My friends commented how good the bento looked, to which I felt extreme happiness of having made such a delicious bento and one that didn’t include a sandwich! Not that I have anything against my sandwich obento, but it’s nice to have a change.

Chris is surprising me this weekend with my bento box. I’m very excited; I get to take a break from bento box making (not that that’s entirely a good thing; I love making bentos!) and I get to see what scrumptious obento concoction he comes up with. It’s going to be loads of fun!

Today is such a beautiful day outside! I took a nice stroll in the morning and went to one of the university gardens, where I sat and petted Noble, a collie belonging to the Vice President of Student Affairs. Noble was such a peach, either siding up beside me so I would pet him or laying beside my feet. Also, there were some puppies from the animal shelter and a massive throng of students was surrounding four puppies. The puppies seemed a bit overwhelmed but equally delighted in all the attention.

Now, I have to go and eat lunch; I’m starving! Enjoy this beautiful day, everyone!