Happy New Year’s!

31 12 2010

From both Chris and myself, we want to wish you all a very Happy New Year! May 2011 be filled with happiness, laughter, love, and food!

Chris and I went on a ski trip to the Poconos for Christmas. We both tried snowboarding for the first time! While Chris excelled successfully and quickly, I took my sweet time learning the art of balance and falling. In fact, I’d say 85% of the time I was snowboarding, I was actually falling on my bottom or face. Even so, I can now say that I have learned and can (somewhat) snowboard! We had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the trip. We also did quite a bit of cooking, but unfortunately have no picture proof.

On our first day on the trip, Chris (assisted by yours truly) made mussels, similar to the Mussels Josephine we had at Bonefish Grill a few months back. Can we get a yum-yum?!

On the second day, Chris and I made guacamole cheeseburgers, which are absolutely delicious by the way. I made the guacamole and Chris heated up the beef and buns, prepared mushrooms, cheese, spinach, and tomatoes. Let’s not forget the spinach salad appetizer too!

A few photos of our snowboarding endeavors:

Down for the count!

Snowboarding King!

Snowboarding Queen! ....

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Here comes MMXI!