Sausages, Bento and Gardens

7 04 2010

Hallo, readers!

On Sunday, Chris made eggs and sausages for breakfast/lunch! I really like sausages, even though they’re so fatty and greasy >( But eating them once in a blue moon is okay, so the guilt isn’t such a burden.

Chris cooking the sausages

In progress: cooking sausages

Sausages: ready to eat!

Afterwards, the room smelled like a sausage factory. But the sausages were very good, and went well with the sunny side-up eggs Chris cooked afterwards. I really like sunny side-up eggs, especially when the yolk doesn’t spill out during the cooking process, which happens quite easily, I’m afraid. But in my duration of cooking sunny side-up eggs, only 1 has had its yolk spilled during cooking, so that’s good news :)

Today’s bento stars yesterday dinner’s leftovers. There are some fish sticks and tartar sauce on the side, potatoes (which are really good!), and some side salad (leafy lettuce, cherry tomatoes and carrots). It’s the first time I’ve had fish in my bento, but I’m excited to eat it!

Bento with fish sticks, potatoes and salad

What do you think, readers? A “fishy” bento? Hehe, I couldn’t resist the pun. Gomennasai (trans: I’m sorry).

Yesterday night, I took a walk around grounds. I strolled through some of the gardens and really liked the scenery of the flowers and trees, so I took some pictures. I’m glad I did, because some of the flowering trees are blossoming very quickly, and soon, I won’t be able to see the flowers anymore. For instance, there was this magnolia tree in one of the gardens just a week ago that I passed by and took a picture of, but yesterday, I went by again and the magnolias were completely gone :( It’s a good thing I took a picture of them already!

Garden V Tree: my favorite!

Squirrel in a Garden V tree: I captured this picture through the gate door!

Squirrel in a Garden V tree: I captured this photo through the gate door!

Garden bench and flowers

Garden flowers

A magnificent garden tree

I love my university. The nature scenery is absolutely breathtaking. It’s unfortunate that Chris has allergies and can’t experience them too much. Anyways, the scenery is one of the things I’ll miss most once I graduate. But there’s always the prospect of visiting!

Oh em gee, the weather high for today is 92 degrees F, 33 degrees C o.O It’s like summer already!