An Evening at Fleurie

11 02 2010

After this past weekend of continuous snow, Chris and I were finally able to celebrate his 21st birthday at Fleurie Restaurant in downtown C’ville on 2/9/10. Fleurie is right on 3rd St NE, which just branches off of the downtown mall area. Because it was snowing and dark, it was harder to see the restaurant sign, but we did manage to find it after awhile.

Once we entered the restaurant, a waitress stepped up to us and asked for our coats and umbrella. She hung them up on a coat rack and then gathered up menus and seated us at a window table. It was a very cute, cozy restaurant. There was only one other couple there at the time who sat next to us, all dressed up as well. The restaurant had around a dozen tables and a couple of booths. There was a bar in the corner, with numerous wine and champagne bottles all stacked up. Rows of glasses were lined up as well. The wine list has a variety of French reds and whites, American red, Burgundy and Bordeaux wines, champagne and sparkling wine; wines can be requested by the glass or by the bottle. I wish I took pictures of the restaurant itself to post.

After we sat down and were presented our menus, Chris and I mulled over the choices of appetizers and main courses. There were about 10 options for appetizers and main courses. I decided on a lobster bisque with tarragon for my appetizer and the salmon for my main course. Chris also wanted a lobster bisque with tarragon for his appetizer and for his main course, the pan-seared skate. He also asked for a wine recommendation to go with his main course. The waitress recommended a Brancott Reserve Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand. While we were waiting for our appetizers, the waitress brought us bread and hot butter, as well as this delicious tomato soup  (I’m not quite sure of the full name).

While enjoying our bread and (still) hot butter, the waitress brought our appetizers, lobster bisque with tarragon. The bisque was absolutely fantastic and both of us finished far quicker than we should have. Our main course came a little while afterwards. Upon arrival, I could tell that it was a tasty delight. My salmon was medium-rare, and it was a bigger piece than I thought it would be. It was on top of potatoes and onions with chives and this delicious sauce, whose name I also cannot recall. Anyways, it was delicious; it’s the best salmon I’ve had in a restaurant. And Chris’ main course, skate, was delicious as well. He particularly enjoyed it and ate it very quickly. I gave him some of my salmon to try, and I tried his skate as well.

My salmon

Chris' skate

After our main courses (which ended too soon!), we were given dessert menus. We decided to split a passion fruit gratin with a raspberry sauce. It was amazing; passion fruit gratin is essentially a souffle except it’s cooked on the plate, not in a bowl like the traditional souffle. The raspberry sauce gave it a little edge, making it the perfect dessert to end our dinner. In addition, I had requested that the restaurant give Chris a little extra dessert with a birthday candle, which they served with the gratin. All in all, the perfect end to a perfect night.

Passion fruit gratin with raspberry sauce

Passion fruit gratin and birthday treats

On his actual birth date, I had bought a tiramisu cake from Kroger, which I thought looked very tasty, and not too big for the both of us to share. In addition, I bought two other desserts for his birthday from Hotcakes.

Cupcake and fruit tart from Hotcakes

Tiramisu Cake

I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone. It’s a little pricey, but well worth it. Indulging a little never hurt anyone!

Happy 21st Birthday, Chris!