About Us

Contributors: Chris and Alice.

We are two college students, who love to cook and share adventures together. We have dined at several restaurants in our college town, as well as our hometown. As cuisine enthusiasts, we try many recipes and prepare meals for ourselves and our families. We want to share our experiences with the blogging community; by doing so, we will share our recipes, our cooking thoughts and notes, our pictures and our love of cooking with everyone.

Chris is currently an undergrad, majoring in Biochemistry and Computer Science. He enjoys cooking, eating, watching cartoons, and taking naps after cooking and eating.

Alice is currently an undergrad, majoring in Environmental Science and French language and literature. She enjoys cooking, eating, photography, collecting rubber ducks, making bento boxes, and watching movies.

We hope you enjoy reading; feel free to leave thoughts and comments on any of our posts. We’d love to hear your cooking notes and thoughts. If you have a recipe, please share it with everyone! Thanks for stopping by!


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